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unlock your Ducati Desert Sled

Following the successful completion and in-field testing of the Alaskan in 2018 we began to look at how to provide this experience to others. Realizing that not everyone requires so much armor and range, it was decided to offer the most important component : the wheel package.

The Alaskan Jr. was born. Offering a stripped down, gutsy back country brawler of a Desert Sled.



Do you want to unlock the full potential of your Ducati Desert Sled? These simple, bolt on swingarm extenders are the key.

Derived from the "Alaskan" program, they will provide clearance to run true off-road tires with minimal modifications. You can have the same dynamic performance with minimal complexity and cost.

The 3" wheelbase increase (up to 62") is similar to gold standard adventure bikes like the F800GS and KTM 690. High speed off-road stability is the result.


New rims (21" f. 18" r.) laced to your stock Ducati hubs

New tires: Pirelli Scorpion XC Mid-Hard highly recommended 

Longer chain and 48t rear sprocket

Rear fender modification / license plate relocation 

Re-routing  existing rear brake line around swingarm pivot

De-activation of your ABS

We can also convert your stock Ducati Desert Sled to full Alaskan Jr. spec to include bespoke Earle Motors graphics and Space Gray livery.  Please inquire for full list of options and pricing. 



Upgrading your factory 19"/17" rims to 21"/18" will transform your bike into a functional, capable and fun dirt bike.  A vast range of aggressive off-road rubber can be fitted to suit any terrain. Narrow tire profile cuts through snow and mud and allows you to carve through deep sand like a pro. 

Returning to pavement you'll find you have maintained highway characteristics comparable to other factory middleweight adventure bikes and of course you roll back into town with all the Ducati style and sound you signed up for - now covered in dust.


The Alaskan Jr. maintains your stock 4 gallon steel fuel tank and relatively low stand over height - about 1.25" increase over stock. Desert Sled throttle response and torquey twin are surprisingly well suited to the off-road world of loose traction. Sliding the rear wheel on throttle and hooking up with ease. 

The air cooled motor is simple and robust and resistant to overheating in low speed, technical situations. Early bikes with cable actuated clutch are ideal for deep water crossing - eliminates possible hydro-locking of the hydraulic slave.